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Polylactic acid (PLA) Gusseted Bags

Yeawo’s Polylactic acid (PLA) Kraft Gusseted Bags/ Brown, with excellent quality and appearance on the shelves. These natural kraft stand up bags are very attractive, can embodies the fashion of your customer’s products, reclosable zippers design can keep food fresh for a long time. We also can provide you with a full range of customized services according to your requirements, Improve the consumer’s attention to your brand.

Product Name::Polylactic acid (PLA) Gusseted Bags

  • Item Number:TP00001554

Polylactic acid (PLA) Gusseted Bags

•    9 years manufacturer for packaging
•    Professional designer ,excellent service & amazing price
•    Free sample and quick response, 7 days 24 hours customer service.
•    BRC, FDA, SGS, QS, ISO9001
•    Gavure printing, up to 10 colors

Item Yeawo general service list
Materials 1. Layer ( BOPP,CPP,PE,CPE,PP,PO,PVC, etc.)
2. Layers( BOPP/CPP or PE, PET/CPP or PE, BOPP or PET/VMCPP, PA/PE .etc.)
As your request.
Size Customized
Color Pantone
Printing Artwork is provided by customer.
1-10 colors gravure printing.
Logo Customized
Usage Food / promotion / shopping /tea / coffee / candy /gift sand/apparel / others.
Punching Round hole, plane hole, triangle hole, butterfly hole, hoof hole, elliptical hole.
Accessories Tears /Zipper/Valve / Window / Pouch Handle / Hang Holes / Rounded Corner / Pouches Spout / Glossy or Matte etc.
As your request.
OEM Service Yes
Certification ISO9001, FDA, SGS, QS, BRC
Packing Soft string, Clear OPP bag, Standard export carton

Poly(lactic acid) or polylactide (PLA) is a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from renewable resources such as corn starch, tapioca or sugar cane. The fermentation of starch (dextrose) yields two optically active enantiomers, namely D (-) and L (+) lactic acid. Polymerization is carried out by either direct condensation of the lactic acid monomers or by ring-opening polymerization of the cyclic diesters (lactides). The resulting resins can be easily converted into films and sheets via standard forming methods including injection and blow molding. 

PLA is mainly used in the packaging industry for cups, bowls, bottles and straws. Other applications include disposable bags and trash liners as well as compostable agriculture films.

PLA is an excellent choice for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications such as drug delivery systems and sutures because PLA is biodegradable, hydrolysable and generally recognized as safe.

Film Structre Packaging Properties Common Application
NY/PE Excellent low temperature resistance
Good moisture barrier
Good high temperature applications
Suitable for vacuum applications
Frozen Foods
Meat products
Liquid products
PET/AL/NY/PE Excellent moisture barrier
Tough and high impact resitance
Exellent light and aroma barrier
Liquid products
Pet food
Curry & high acid products
PET/NY/CPP High temperature end-use
High chemical and oil resistance
Prepared food
Precessed meat
Instant foods
Mopp/PE Superior moisture barrier
Excellent oxygen and light barrier
Versatile for different food products
Rice derived products,Snacks ,Tea
Deep fried Products
PET/PE Superior moisture barrier
Good seal ability and good vacuum retention
If any problems about the structure.please contact us for the details.

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